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Creating a Linux Certification Program - The Next Step

By Dan York

Creating A Linux Certification Program - The Next Step

After my article in the October Linux Gazette, I received over 60 replies, almost all of which were positive. With this next article, I want to announce some various resources on the web and also a new mailing list to discuss certification. Many thanks to all of you who have sent me pointers and also volunteered to help. I received responses from all corners of the globe and was excited and impressed to see: a) the work some people are already doing on Linux training and certification; b) the enthusiasm out there about Linux, and also about Linux training and certification; and c) the willingness of so many people to help out and be involved!  THANK YOU!!

Initial Comments

Five specific notes before I get to all the pointers people have sent me:

Resources Relating To Linux Certification

As a result of my article, a number of people sent me pointers to resources available on the web relating to Linux training and certification.  The pointers are listed below.

Final Thoughts

Other people did point out that this topic has been around for a while. Indeed, through the AltaVista search engine I found pointers to discussions that occurred about setting up a Linux certification program back in 1996.

The issue now is that the momentum of certification within the IT industry just keeps increasing and the responses to my article make me only that much more sure that we need to move now to make sure that we build a unified Linux certification program that we all can get behind and promote with the same energy and enthusiasm that Microsoft promotes the MCSE and Novell promotes the CNE. 

The biggest single item that can kill a Linux certification program is if we in the Linux community wind up with 4 or 5 different separate programs! (Do I hear the UNIX wars again?)  There is strength in numbers - can we build a common program?   Please join me on the mailing list and let's see if we can give it a shot! Previous Article

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Published in Issue 34 of Linux Gazette, November 1998