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Panorama Tools 1.8b1 for Mac/Win/Linux
 Joffer's Linux Guide to new graphics card is back! Bigger and b
 New Quick Mask Tutorial for the Gimp
 GIMP 1.1.7 
Disclaimer: Before I get too far into this I should note that any of the news items I post in this section are just that - news. Either I happened to run across them via some mailing list I was on, via some Usenet newsgroup, or via email from someone. I'm not necessarily endorsing these products (some of which may be commercial), I'm just letting you know I'd heard about them in the past month.

This project is for converting images to vector graphics. Currently I created a plugin for GIMP (www.gimp.org) to do this. It is in a very early stage and most of the code is still missing.

AutoTrace transformation plug-in (Alpha Version 0.025)

Panorama Tools 1.8b1 for Mac/Win/Linux

A new very high quality interpolator (Lanczos windowed sinc) has been added. The program can now also be used for high quality general image manipulations (enlargements, rotations, skewing etc). The existing standard interpolator (Polynomial) has been reworked to closely resemble the bicubic interpolator of Photoshop. A comparison with test images is available at my site: http://www.fh-furtwangen.de/~dersch/interpolator/interpolator.html

A gamma/degamma  correction algorithm with settable gamma value is included. This allows the user to internally linearize the images prior to transformation, and later automatically gamma-correct them again.

The Gimp version is now compiled with the current gtk-version 1.2.3, and runs under the current stable Gimp release 1.0.4. Also, the Makefile has been changed to the standard Gimp format, and compiling on other platforms should be simple.

See the Readme at http://www.fh-furtwangen.de/~dersch/Readme for general features, and download a copy at my site.

Helmut Dersch

Joffer's Linux Guide to new graphics card is back! Bigger and better!

Joffer's old Linux RIVA128 Xconfigurator Guide is back online, now going by a new name: Linux SVGA Guide.  Are u having problems getting your graphics card to work with X Windows in Linux?

The solution isn't far away...

http://joffer.dhs.org is the clue. Check out Joffer's completly rewritten SVGA Guide!

Get your RIVA128, TNT, G100 and G200 up and running with lots of colors using 1024x768 or higher resolution! It's not as hard as you think!

The address is:  http://joffer.dhs.org - just click on LINUX in the menu!
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New Quick Mask Tutorial for the Gimp
by Zach Beane

This tutorial shows how you can do vignette effects using a new feature of GIMP called QuickMask.

QuickMask is a convenient way to modify selections using pixel-changing tools such as the paintbrush, eraser, or any plug-in filter. It lets you make very precise adjustments to your selections.

This tutorial doesn't use QuickMask for complex masking; it's intended to show how you can use it to create quick and easy vignette effects. It's even easier than my older vignettes tutorial.


GIMP 1.1.7

GIMP 1.1.7 is now available. It has a boatload of cool new features.
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