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(?) Cash In On ... Spam!

From mindkiss on Wed, 28 Jul 1999

Cash In
On a Hot Opportunity!

Earn Full Time Income
On a Part Time Basis!
No special skills needed!!

Please Read This First

1. This email advertisement is transmitted in compliance with the new "Email" Bill: SECTION 301. Per Section 301, Paragraph (a)(2)(C) of S1618; Refer; http://www.senate.gov/~murkowski/commercialemail/5771index.html

[ Hundreds of bills on many juicy political issues are promoted by senators and representatives every year. Until they are actually passed (thus no longer a bill, but a law) they're fairly worthless. This one is made more obvious, because its URL doesn't work...

The computer industry ought to recognize when people claim compliance with a "new standard" that hasn't been ratified yet; it happens in our marketing literature all the time. -- Heather ]

(!) I don't care what delusion you are under. This is unsolicited spam. I've heard that it is illegal in the state of California --- which is my state of residence and where I'm sitting as I recieve this.
I'll be forwarding this along to by district attorney's office (once I dig up their e-mail address).

(?) 2. If you wish to be removed from our email list with respect to any further transmissions, you may do so without cost by simply clicking on your email program's "Reply" option and entering the word "Remove" into the "Subject" area.

(!) I wish to never have recieved your mail. I don't wish to ever hear from you or any of your ilk again.

(?) 3. The business solicitation described below is offered by a real Florida based corporation (name removed, Inc.), with a real address, real people and real products. Company details and testimony may be obtained by calling toll free 1-888-nnn-nnnn.

(!) Whoop-de-doo! You're a "real corporation." That certainly doesn't preclude the likelihood that you are lying, thieving scumbags with no regards for courtesy or custom.
You're clearly unethical. You KNOW that this message is unwelcome to most of your recipients and you sent it anyway. Do not respond to this mail.

[ To their credit... they didn't. For more help in the fight for valid mailbox contents, the Mail Abuse Prevention System (http://maps.vix.com/) is handy, and also points to other good resources. -- Heather ]

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